Remove slag: better with the profiRounder deburring systems

Oxyacetylene and plasma cutting score with convincing economy. The disadvantage is that there is burning slag and strong burr formation. Our profiRounder is a fully modular system that can also remove slag. The most important thing is this compact overview. If you have detailed questions, our experts will be happy to help you!

Remove slag mechanically

There are two basic ways to remove slag. On the one hand, this can be achieved with a grinding process. Then very rough abrasive grits K24 / K36 are used and the contact rollers are made very soft. On the other hand, slag can also be knocked off. The advantage of this second variant: less machining is required and the sanding belts are protected! The trend today is therefore increasingly towards not removing slag with the grinding process, but simply knocking it off.

Remove the slag with slag pins

Hardened steel pins that are vulcanized into a pot brush have established themselves as efficient tools for removing the slag.


Since the work pieces are often warped, it is necessary to allow the cup brushes to attack from above with the hardened steel PINs. The tools are set so that they do not hit the work pieces on the side, but only touch the upright slag. Any remaining burrs are removed with a downstream broadband.

The profiRounder: expert in slag removal

With the profiRounder we offer you a machine solution with which the slag removal can be optimally implemented. The modularly designed machine scores with high flexibility, which also shows your advantages in slag removal. Depending on the requirement profile in your company, you can use the profiRounder as required and therefore always tailor-made. That pays off - also in solid work results for an extra plus of customer satisfaction. Using the upstream RUT unit with cup brushes with hardened steel PINs, the slag processing can also be integrated and ensures optimal processing of your work pieces.

Correctly remove slag: We advise you

With us you will be advised by experts who convince with a high practical relevance. Our claim is individual solutions for our customers and their individual requirement profiles. If you have to deburr burned parts and remove slag and are interested in a modern solution, you have come to the right place. Tell us about your requirements and get comprehensive, non-binding advice on how you can optimally remove slag in the future.


We appreciate your interest!


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