Round edges - round sharp edges with profiRounder by Heesemann

Sharp edges are not welcome in technology. In the case of parts that are to be provided with corrosion protection, sharp edges prevent the layer thickness of the powder or lacquer on the edge from being sufficient. In addition, sharp edges are a risk of injury and always a hindrance when fitting. Rounding edges ensures that enough paint material is deposited on the edge to ensure adequate corrosion protection and eliminates the risk of injury. When milling, the rounded edges can be integrated into the machining process. In the case of lasers and / or punches, the sharp edge is inevitable and must be removed in a second step. Here, the profiRounder from Heesemann is an efficient and powerful solution.

Rounding sheet edges - how are the sharp edges created?

Sharp edges arise in particular with the following processing methods:


  • Laser flame and laser fusion cutting

  • CNC punching

  • Water jet cutting


 and of course also with thicker sheets


  • Oxyacetylene cutting

  • Plasma cutting


Most of the processes mentioned not only produce a sharp edge, but also burr formation (high-standing primary burr, sometimes also slag). This also worsens the unfavorable properties of a sharp edge. In many companies, deburring and edge rounding are still done manually. However, that has major disadvantages.

Rounding edges: Disadvantages of manual processes

The manual rounding of edges with the flex or the file has considerable disadvantages. Depending on the thickness of the sheets and the thickness of the burrs, the work is very tiring, loud and exhausting. In addition, the worker is exposed to considerable dust. The result is an edge rounding with reduced quality and a high sick leave among the employees.


Automatic edge rounding does just the opposite: Consistent, excellent quality with minimal workload.

Automatic edge rounding in detail

The profiRounder grinding machines for rounding edges are innovative, modular systems with different grinding processes.


The following units are available in the machines:


  • Wide belt unit with contact roller (to remove the primary burr)
  • RUT unit:
    • with abrasive disk brushes (for 100% even and intensive edge rounding)
    • with disk brushes with wire trimmings (to remove the oxide layer)
  • Fladder unit for rounding edges with lamellar rollers (especially for parts that already have bends)
  • Wide belt unit with contact roller (to create a micrograph)
  • Brush rollers made of abrasive fleece (diameter: 250/300 mm) for the production of very fine surfaces (e.g. for food industry & canteen technology)


Each profiRounder module can be equipped with two different processing units. The profiRounder concept allows four modules to be connected in series. The system can thus be perfectly tailored to the requirements of the individual customer. Deburring, rounding edges, removing oxide and surface finishing - all possible in one machine and in one operation.

Safety at work & efficiency when rounding parts

The rounding of edges is done not only with maximum efficiency with the profiRounder concept, but also with the best possible occupational safety. The well-encapsulated machines shield the environment from the noise of the grinding processes.


The concept for extracting the grinding dust is particularly innovative:

During machining, the parts are held on the conveyor belts by vacuum. The air is constantly sucked out through perforation holes, creating the holding vacuum. At the same time, the grinding dust is also efficiently extracted. This double function reduces the energy required for deburring and edge rounding and increases the efficiency of the machines.

Material and shape independent edge rounding

The profiRounder systems from Heesemann are designed for all common industrial materials. The machines process any type of metal. Special materials can also be machined through technical adjustments to the grinding units. In addition, the company Karl Heesemann also offers innovative solutions for rounding edges on work pieces that have already been folded.

Comprehensive service for rounding parts

Edge rounding of components can be a major technical challenge. Heesemann therefore offers interested customers comprehensive advice on which sheet rounding process is optimal for their requirements. Even after installation of the systems, Heesemann remains a reliable partner for its customers with a comprehensive service package for sustainably efficient production.


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