The sanding requirements in metalworking

The sanding requirements in metalworking are as diverse as the materials processed. profiRounder meets the requirements quickly, reliably and verifiably.


For aluminum, not only deburring and edge rounding are essential requirements, especially with profiled materials, the removal of burrs and milling edges within the profile is important in order to ensure the simplest possible further processing without manual reworking. profiRounder meets these requirements with contact roller, RUT and brush unit in one pass through the machine. This saves the user permanent rework on the work pieces and also ensures an always consistent quality of processing.


Structural steels and other hot-rolled steels usually show heavy burrs and cut edge contamination after laser, plasma or saw cutting. The first goal in the processing of these work pieces is to deslag and descale the work pieces, as these surface contaminants make further processing almost impossible. profiRounder also offers a compact solution with a contact roller, RUT disk brush unit and Fladder unit. While the sanding of the partly strong burrs and spatters is done reliably with the contact roller, subsequently surface slag and scale can be safely removed with the RUT disc brush unit and the corresponding processing disk.

Finally, with its wire tool, the Fladder Gyro provides 100 % removal of oxides in the cutting edge, eliminating the need for manual processing of the work pieces. The wire tool also leaves a surface on the work pieces, which facilitates a subsequent painting much easier because the paint adheres well to the generated diffuse surface.

Stainless steel

For stainless steels, the requirements for surface quality are far more differentiated than for most other materials. Thus, e.g. burrs and surface contamination are usually much lower than with "normal" steels. The requirements for edge rounding and surface finish are much higher, and so are the requirements for the sanding machine. profiRounder fulfills the demands on the work pieces with the variety of processing possibilities like hardly any other machine. profiRounder can process fine and thin sheets with a thickness of 0.3 mm with its Fladder unit. Edge breakage and edge rounding adapted to the work piece thickness is achieved WITHOUT damaging the surface of the work pieces. Thus, e.g. even foiled metal sheets and work pieces can be processed without destroying the foil.


In the field of medical technology, pharmacy and / or food technology special demands have to be considered on the edges of the work pieces. A certain haptic of the work pieces must be guaranteed, whereby an edge rounding of approx. 0.2 mm - 0.3 mm must be achieved on all sharp edges. Since holes of 3 mm or 4 mm diameter are provided often, the abrasive must adapt to these conditions in order to achieve the desired sanding result.


profiRounder can process even the smallest diameter with the RUT unit and corresponding tools and produce a perfect result. In addition, the Fladder unit also offers the possibility of a good edge rounding in one pass through the machine.


Finally, in the field of stainless steel processing, certain surface finishes are often required. This starts with a specific finish (according to a grain or specification by pattern) or / and a certain roughness. In the industries mentioned above it is often important to have absolutely flat surfaces.


profiRounder also fulfills these tasks. The contact roller unit produces surfaces of the specified quality with abrasive belts of very different grain sizes and very different construction. Due to the modular design of the profiRounder it is possible to provide a machine with six contact rollers for pure surface processing. This means that the machining of the surface can take place simultaneously with six different grain sizes in one operation. As a result, the user avoids large grain jumps in one pass and therefore drastically reduces the make-ready times of the machine.

Your advantage

We cannot deal here with all the features of profiRounder to the various workable materials. Whether it is metals, plastics or composite materials ultimately makes no difference. The Heesemann technical center has two profiRounder available. Heesemann gladly presents the performance of the machine to customer samples. For this purpose, a personal appointment can be arranged at any time.


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