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profiRounder features 4 different units: Contact rollers, disk brush units, Fladder 300/Gyro and brush roller units. All units can be mounted on the base machine as well as on the extension modules without any constraints. Free spaces can be provided in the modules for upgrading at a later date.

Contact roller unit

The profiRounder contact roller unit reliably removes any burr and generates a uniform structure on the surface of the work pieces. The edges can be rounded in this process, too.

The contact roller units work with a rubber-coated steel roller (standard hardness 60° Shore) with a diameter of 250 mm (9.84 inch) and can be equipped with frequency controlled drive motors with up to 22 kW (29.5 hp). Sanding belt speeds between 1.7 m/s and 28 m/s are possible. The surface of the roller is grooved in a spiral shape. This allows a better cooling of the roller and makes it easier to extract the generated abrasive dust.


Premature grain break-outs are minimized due to the special orientation of the contact roller units on the machinery base. There are nearly no oscillation marks visible and the useful time of the sanding belts is increased to a multiple. The sanding result remains consistent for a longer time.

Disk brush unit RUT

The RUT unit can be used to generate radii of 2 mm and more without any difficulty. This is the result of an intensive co-operation with different producers of abrasives and is realized using newly developed abrasive materials.

The RUT disk brush unit consists of 18 disk brushes. Their arrangement allows even processing of all areas, even at embossments of up to 30 mm, in different directions.

The frequency controlled drive system permits an infinitely variable regulation of the disk brushes rotation speed up to 1,500 rpm and their orbital velocity transversally to the feed direction.

Fladder 300/Gyro

profiRounder is the only machine in the world the worldwide well-known Fladder 300/Gyro unit can be integrated to. With this unit profiRounder can remove even very rough slag and oxides without any difficulty. In addition the typical Fladder surface can be created.

The six spindles of the sanding head of the Fladder unit rotate pairwise in opposite directions (clockwise / counterclockwise) to realize a homogeneous sanding of the work pieces as well as an even wear of the abrasives. The sanding head rotates with the six spindles on its own axis and oscillates over the width of the conveyor belt.


The Fladder unit can be equipped with abrasive cylinders, deslagging or oxide removing tools in different diameters and lengths.

Brush roller

In comparison to sanding using a sanding belt the fleece rollers of the profiRounder create an even more consistent matt or matt-finished surface. They are available in different grains between very fine and very rough. The fine glazing marks add up to a decorative surface. The special orientation of the roller guarentees the longest possible useful life of the abrasive.

Fleece and Anderlon brush rollers can be dressed by means of an automatic dressing device inside the machine. This minimizes the maintenance effort for dressing the brush roller to an absolute minimum. This procedure can be repeated several times ensuring the creation of an even and reproducable surface for a long period of time.


In addition to fleece and Anderlon brush rollers, brush rollers out of stainless steel or other metal strands can be used.


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